Berlin Fashion week 2011: Potipoti

S/S 2012

Nando Cornejo, Silvia Salvador and Marcello Quaranta
The label, Potipoti, was founded in 2005 as a collaboration between two designers, Silvia Salvador and Nando Cornejo.  They worked as graphic designer and started to combine grapic design, art and fashion.

I know them, from a short interview in the magazine “CUT”.
They talked about the duo and I was interested in it.

I contact them and at the Fashion Week Berlin 2011, I was invited in there Shop.
The inspiration of their new S/S collection 2012 caught the eye of Silvia Salvador and Nando Cornejo when they were watching the film “Black Orpheus” from 1959. This film was made in Brazil by the French director Marcel Camus.

It’s a adaptation of the greek legend Orpheus & Eurydice.

Sensuality. Sexuality, vibrant colours, transparent fabrics, beauty, tragedy…

Leitmotif of Black Orpheus
Parrot prints, define the graphical part of te collection which associate freedom and love of life.
Otherwise Luck and a fantastic colourful feeling.

bright green, marine blue, beige

Steffi and I are looking at there collection

I like there designs and especially their prints!
A really colourful collection which presents a good feeling.
It was great the talk to Silvia and Nando.
I’m happy about that I was invited and had the time to go in.


Visit the shop
Potipoti Shop
Silvia Salvador & Nando Cornejo
Rosenthalerstraße 66
10119 Berlin

Thanks to Silvia & Nando

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