LONDON 2012 (Part 1)


Came to London to start my internship by Peter Pilotto a british newcomer label.
I really enjoy the work at the company, there are a lot of things to do and to learn.

Exactly I learned a lot of new stuff.

At first I started with cutting fabrics, it's a hard work if you stay the whole day and just cut fabrics.
But it was a great experience, so many details I never realized or forgot. Some new techniques and easier way to handle with some special fabrics, like fabrics with beadings.

Peter Pilotto

This dress I started working
in the first 2 weeks of my
internhip by Peter Pilotto.

For example I cutted the
beaded skirt fabric and all
the other panels. Not only
cutting, beading too. The
beading part in the inside
of the dress I did either.

It's really a hard work
and spending a lot of time
for such a dress.

After 3-4 weeks, I changed to the production office, where I do sample packets
documents for sending out and technical drawings with Illustrator. But I don't
use only Illustrator Indesign and Excel are often used too.

It's really interesting and make a lot of fun.

London - collage 2012

I work the whole day up to 10 hours or more. So it is nice too see something from London
at the weekends. The first 2-3 weeks we had really good and sunny weather I enjoyed it to
went out.

The museums in London are really GREAT! For me are the museums the most excited parts
of London. I don't really like the city, I'm not really sure why but I think it is too much trouble
and one shop next to the other shop. You have only the parks to relax which are nice too.

Where I was:

British Museum
Tate Modern
National Gallery
National Portrait Gallery
Victoria&Albert Museum
Naional History Museum
St. Pauls Cathedral
Sunday Up-market
Lonon Eye
Buckingham Palacae
Big Ben
Tower Bridge
London Bridge
Millenium Bridge
Marble Arch
Hyde Park

and a lot of more...

Next time will come more :)

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