Shooting with Sara Nuru + video link

New York, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Castrop-Rauxel, Tokio, Barcelona, Moskau, London....

In Castrop-Rauxel (NRW)
Photography: Sylvio Kühn-Photographer
Designer: Marcello Quaranta, Anastasia Janz
Make Up: Sonia Tamburo
Hair: Wegener Friseure
Video: Adam Zemla (Norixon)
It was a great day at the White-One-Studio in Castrop-Rauxel from Sylvio Kühn.
I had a lot of fun with the team. Sonia Tamburo is a great Make up artist and the Hairstyling team was also very good.

We laughed and did many jokes, it was so cool.
I was really surprised that they were so many people.

First step I told Sonia how to do the Make up.
Blue lips and metallic white eyes and metallic blue eybrows,
which fits to the glamour dresses.

Sara Nuru & Sonia Tamburo

Second step, the hair was made by the Wegener team.
They did a great version of my mind.

Sara Nuru, Wegener Team ( Carsten Schlösser & Kollegin)
Marcello Quaranta

Third step. Sylvio Kühn did the photographs.

Sylvio Kühn, Marcello Quaranta & Sara Nuru

She is wearing two blue dresses from me.
Sara nuru is wearing "La Famiglia"
The first dress which you can see at the last picture is the more futuristic
one and less sexy than the other dress.

Last step, a video was did by the Shooting 
from Adam Zemla (Norixon)

You can see this video here:


Have a look, it's a very good video!!!

After the shooting I meet the photographer: Krystina Woldanowski

We talked about fashion, photography, models and so on...
One week later I was a model for her. You will see the pictures

next time & of course the picture freom the Sara Nuru shooting.